How To Keep A Man

Girlfriend Zone-BreakUp Period

Being a man’s friend first is a very good way to find out all his dirty little secrets which he wouldn’t feel comfortable to share with his lovers. A sexual relationship that grows out of being best friends usually has a trust foundation. A man will be free to tell a friend how many women he sleeps with a day and exactly how he wants then and how he like it in bed.

Men hardly talk about their issues to everyone but their bar man, barber and the boys (besties). Being in that best friend zone gets him to build his trust with you and when you jump into the girlfriend zone, he is an open book for you to read. Be very careful not to get so hooked suddenly after something happens sexually with a best friend guy. Men tend do feel overwhelmed when they have sex with their girl best friend. A woman should play it casual and no strings attached otherwise the man will start avoiding her which ends up ruining the whole friendship.

Keeping it casual sex with a man at the beginning is usually a safer way to hook a man up. Men hate commitment and when women start talking about getting married and have babies, they run off to rescue their lives. A man will keep thinking it casual sex and by the time he realizes, the relationship is five years old and he is in love with her already.