How To Keep A Man

Baby Mama-BreakUp Period

A man gets out of a relationship leaving a child behind which actually keeps the Ex in the picture no matter how many women he gets into a relationship with later. Baby mama will call late in the night to update the man about picking up the child from wherever they would be the following day and that she can’t because she is busy. That kind of communication will definitely make the current woman insecure because I mean this is his Ex… come on.

Just in case you are a baby mama, avoid interfering in than man and his baby mama’s affairs. When the child is still young, separating the man from the baby mama will mean cutting ties with his child and that would make him miserable. I’m most cases women tend to assume that their men would always go back to their baby mamas should they let the communication carry on. There are chances that baby mama would seduce a man especially after he moves on with someone else. But then it is better to decide before you commit to this relationship which involves a baby mama because they are always here to stay.