HIV is an abreviation for human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficience Syndrome) on the other hand is not a virus. Its a set of symptoms caused by the virus HIV. When a patient's immune  system becomes too weak to fight off the infections and eventually they develop some kind ofillnesses, then it is called AIDS.

AIDS is the advanced stage of the HIV. HIV destroys more white blood cells that are responsible for the immunity or defence mechanism of the body and makes more duplicates of itself. Meaning for someone who lives with HIV usually finds difficulty fighting off infections and diseases unless they receive regular HIV treatment.

Should HIV virus live with someone without treatment, it could last up to 10 - 15 years for their defence mechanism to become severly damaged that it fails to defeat itself. This HIV advancement speed depends on someones health, their age as well as their background.

AIDS is not a death sentence as many people assume. If someone takes the right precautions of how to maintain their health, with the right steps followed one could live a long life. Usually AIDS is not what patients die of but the stigma around the disease. The first thing that comes into someone's mind after finding out about their health status is death.

Poverty also has a way of shortening one's life time because if a patient has no facilities to sustain their health, the chances of living a longer life are very slim. A person who lives with AIDS should live a very healthy life that consists of organic foods, regular treatment on a daily basis, abstaining from sex and clean higenic environment.

The main purpose of abstaining from sex is due to the high adrenalines released during ejaculation as well as the energy consumed from the body. While the virus is busy weakenning the body, the sex could also be another energy sucker which weakens the patient even further worse.

Foods that support the immune system like Gairlic for the sulphur that boosts the defence mechanism, beetroots for the formation of red blood cells, ginger for helping to fight off inflammation that causes chronic diseases and many more. Like i said ealier, AIDS is not what kills but how someone takes care of their health is what matters.

Emmotional support from family, friends and partner is major. A patient needs to know how everyone feels about their health conditions, trusting that they are not being condemned and judged for what they are going through. It is important to make HIV and AIDS patients understand that you can live a normal life without beating yourself up to the extent of shortenning your life to an early premature death.

For those who don't know their health status, it is advisable to check regularly especially if you are sexually active to avoid spreading the disease as well as not receiving the necessary treatment.