How To Keep A Man

Affection Men-Be Your Man's Friend

Women hate it when their men go around hugging and being extremely friendly that they mingle with each and every woman that comes across. This is quite understandable because the man wouldn’t like that either with his woman. I strongly agree with the woman because most men use this affection personality to get away with their adultery.

Being clear about the affection issue is a great way to keep the relationship in peace to avoid any unnecessary battles. Some men have that way of bringing out their femininity which means they are driven to get along with mostly women than men. Men who are more friendly to women without any sexual strings attached doesn’t necessarily mean they are bisexual but it is because they know how to tap into their feminine side, which is a good thing.

It is not necessary that a man is feminine then he is likely to sleep with his fellow men. Men are born with male genes from the father’s side as well as female genes from the mother. These either side of genes can possibly be fed with the everyday diet and the side that gets fed well, becomes stronger. Usually the individual would begin behaving either more feminine or masculine regardless the gender.

Affection me are likely to be more gentler with women and hey would hardly hurt them due to their feminine touch, they get to put themselves into women’s shoes and know exactly how it would feel when abused by a man.


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