How To Keep A Man

Friendly Woman-Be Your Man's Friend

Women can get so cruel and mean especially after child birth which is well known as postpartum depression. This usually includes mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Men aren’t usually educated and informed about this condition that women undergo after child birth which often confuses them into assuming that she just changed all over sudden and that she is not into him anymore.

Women think out loud. When a woman talks a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a man to do anything. She is thinking out loud and by this, she feels better when she says it out. Normally a man would get irritated when his woman chats to strangers about their personal life and everything that happens behind closed doors. This as because a man fails to understand that a woman thinks out loud and through talking she feels better about her situation. We need to understand each other and by so, we will live in peace and harmony.


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