How To Keep A Man

Lonely Men-Be Your Man's Friend

Men and women are two different species. How? These are two kinds that can’t live with each other and can’t live without the other. The only way to get along is to learn how the other thinks. Each has their weak and strong point and therefore, strengthens each other in tough times.

Men deal with situations the opposite from women. When a man is disturbed he enters his cage of total silence. In this cage he takes his toys with in order to process the whole situation and these toys include cell phone, TV remote, play station, soccer, his car, alcohol etc.

Lonely men usually end up committing suicide because of the disconnection they feel with their wives, girlfriends or life partners. This usually happens when the woman gives birth to children and she shifts all the attention and love to her children, leaving the man neglected without any friend to talk to. In the first place a man united with this woman to have a friend and a companion and when the woman takes that away, a man feels single and available to mingle.


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