How To Keep A Man

5-Be Your Man’s Friend-How To Keep A Man

Some women say that it is not an easy thing to be a man’s friend when you are in a relationship with him at the same time. It is really possible because a man sometimes just needs that friend to talk to and share things that are affecting his personal life. This is when a man puts his buddies before his relationship because with them he gets to forget the reality that is going on in his life.

A woman becomes even a better one when she plays all the roles that a man would go out there to find. Isn’t it a good thing that whenever he is done with his daily duties that the first person that comes to his mind is his woman? Not sexually necessarily but someone to spend time, gossip, watch sooccer games with, play and also become a shoulder to cry when in sorrow.


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Giving a man space is one of the tip on the topic How To Keep A Man Happy. Injibs Cosmets International breaks them down explaining the exact reasons why men choose to behave the way they do.