How To Keep A Man

Stop Men From Cheating-Do's And Don'ts In Relationships

When a man develops a habit of coming home late and you start wondering where he spends his evenings, try this tip it usually works. There are many ways to stop men from cheating without even them realizing that you had a hand in it.

When you know he is about come home, freshen up and dress up with makeup on. Take your favorite romantic pair of shoes and in a so exhausted manner throw it at the door step right as soon as you walk in, then throw yourself on top of the bed with your purse next to you.

When a man walks in form wherever he comes from and find your shoes at the doorstep, first thing on his mind is you are just walking in as well from God knows where. A man starts panicking having it all clear in his mind that when he was minding his business outside, you were minding yours without even any stress.

This will shift a man from coming home late because now his mind will no longer be on the side chick but wondering all the time about what you would be up to back home. Your man will adjust his hours and start keeping an eye trying to catch you and this will create a mess on whatever that is going on out there with the side chick.


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