How To Keep A Man

Cheating Man-Do's And Don'ts In Relationshiips

Women are very good when it comes to cheating. A woman will have five kids but the middle one belongs to the neighbor or the gardener and she would make her man believe that the child is his, even though the child looks exactly like the neighbor. Men on the other hand don’t know how to cheat and hide it. as soon as they walk in you’ll notice guilt written all over their faces.

Men don’t know how to fake feelings like women do. A woman will pretend to love a man and do all the right things and say the right words, yet at the back of her mind she just wants to spend his money. Men know the right words to say to a woman and since most men are not that affection and needy, women tend to believe that even though he doesn’t call me or tell me that he loves me, deep inside I can feel he does care about me. The signals will all be right there but because women fall deep in love, they tend to ignore the negative side of what they want their relationship to be.


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