How To Keep A Man

Insecurities-Do"s And Don'ts In Relationships

A woman will always develop insecurities especially if her previous relationships were heartbreaking. Whatever that a woman experienced in her previous love life usually follows her into the present one, which she sometimes kind of make the current partner pay for what the previous one put her through. Men sense insecurities and smell them from afar and this is one of the turn offs to them, driving them far away into the arms of a side chick.

Side chick know how to play the game just by confusing the man’s partner, getting her suspicious and by this she becomes insecure, then drives her own man into looking outside for a peace of mind. The only way to keep your man by your side without trying so hard is to be the source of peace. Men long to relax when they get back from a stressful day but when they get home and it is 21 questions with a busy restless mouth nagging, then they lose it.  Men are not multi tuskers like women so they can’t process many things at a time.


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