How To Keep A Man

How To Keep Man Happy

One of the ways of how to keep man happy is that men love to eat. If you really want to know how to hook you man up, it is food. Men bodies are made out of muscle and that six pack needs protein. Hairline Grower brings you all the tips regarding the topic:

Questions In Relationships

Questions in relationships can be of a good cause depending on the type of questions asked. Try to avoid any word that starts with a letter “w”. These questions are well known in our day to day communication and it is usually due to the insecurities between the couple. Who, When, Where, what and why, are the trouble cause in most relationships.

These types of questions are motivated by insecurity and that is why not only couple’s relationships but also business and other aspects of life. “Who were you with, where were you, when did you knock off at work, what were you guys talking about, why didn’t you take my calls” etc.

These are questions that make a woman feel like the man is protective which shows that he cares. To a man though these “w” questions make it look as if a woman is obsessed and clingy which makes it a turn off. Find a different way of asking these questions for instance; “Honey I tried calling you but your phone kept going on voicemail so I thought I should try again later”. You are fishing for an explanation without asking a question. A man will always give you an answer as if you did ask a question.


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