Porn is a short name to Pornography. These are sexual activities and images that have managed to capture the whole world’s attention. Why? Good question indeed.

Children from the early centuries managed to extend their innocence to at least 21 years of age. This was because of lack of exposure to the adult world which provokes and stirs up all the sexual desires and the hormones responsible.

Due to the development and civilization, these sexual images have been exposed to children under age. Gadgets are provided by the parents themselves for a good cause i must say, but children will always catch on the nonsense from the forbidden side.

I wouldn't want to discredit the sexual pornographic images because everything has advantages and disadvantages. Though we are going to explore this side of the world and see exactly what the serious replications when used negatively are.


Is Sex Before Marriage Ok

Is Sex Before Marriage Ok | Sex Videos | Adult World | Injibs Cosmets👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Is sex before marriage good or bad in christianity like they say no sex before marriage. Question is should you have sex before marriage or is sex before marriage a sin?

Children and Porn

Children are usually very curious and adventurous which actually pushes them into wanting to explore territories especially the forbidden ones. Children at the age of 1 year are usually very smart and are capable of noticing everything that happens around them.

A child begins to be attentive from watching parents how they conduct, touching, body language, Language used and who comes near the parents. That is the reason why when another man apart from the father touches or hugs the mother, they would usually get offended and get chicky. This is because they know what appropriate and what is not.

Children who are exposed to sexual ideas usually learn from what they see their parents do in the bedroom. Parents might assume that the child is sleeping, watching cartoon on TV or being destructed by anything else. Children are very smart and they shouldn't be underestimated.


 Premature Sex 

Sexual images are exposed to the child and next thing they start to get curious which pushes them to explore that world which in their eyes seems quite normal. As they grow the get deeper and deeper into this adventure that when they reach that puberty stage, they experience premature sexual practices like masturbation for boys and early sexual intercourse for girls.

Children who begin to sexually active at an early stage tend to have very serious complications like premature ejaculation, childless sperm and low sperm count for boys. Girls would usually have problems when it comes to child conceiving or even itching all the time at her private parts for more and more sex, leaving them unsatisfied. It is scientifically proven that a baby conceived by two parents who are prematurely grown for sex, is usually born with defects.

Men and women who develop with early premature sexual activities tend to become disrespectful concerning sexual activities. Men would grow without any respect for women, cursing big words relating to women's private parts and so forth. Boys grow to treat women slutty just as they watch it being done in pornographic images. Girls become gold digging women who would sell what they have to get what they want and so on.


 Mature Sex

Before a child starts to be sexually active, they should first grow and mature fully. Looking tall, mature with breasts on the chest doesn't imply that the child is now ready for sex. The sperm and the vaginal fluids are still immature  and still need some few years before they fully mature to carry out the pressure during the sexual activities.

It is very hard to protect children from sexual images and information but instead of forbidding them to explore that side of the world before age, it is better to educate them and making them aware of the dangers behind this adventure. By using the right educative methods children will feel free not to get wild. Forbidding them though will stir up obsession will not only get them wild but lead them to suffer much more consequences.

Parents are always responsible for these kinds of behaviors in a sense that a close eye should be kept on children. Parents become so busy on a daily basis, trying to provide end's meat that children end up being educated by the world out there. Parents should keep sex a strictly private activity, avoiding to put any kind of sexual ideas in the child's mind. Hire a hotel room far away and have your wild fun without the children's knowledge about it.


 Relationships and Porn

Porn has its advantages and disadvantages depending on who and why they are using these porn images. It is safer to use porn images in the relationship should it be agreed and discussed by both man and woman. If porn becomes an obsession, this could be very dangerous because one party will always satisfy themselves alone while the other party is neglected and starved in the relationship.

The good part about porn is that whenever any of the couple isn't in the sexual mood, the images could always arouse them, turning them on for the satisfaction of the partner to prevent them from starving and having want to go out to get laid.

Many relationships have been ruined just because one partner discovered that the other on satisfies themselves privately, which is usually considered unfaithful. Pornography is like any other addiction and the more it is ed the more it grows until it gets out of hand. People especially men usually go to seek help concerning this stubborn addiction and obsession. Therefore before you expose your mind to such sexual images, consider the consequences behind them.


 Secrets behind Porn

When you begin watching Pornography you never actually realize the psychological side effects behind it. These are not just images but they are delivered by forces for the purpose of arousing humanity. The more people become horny the more rape rate grows higher. In general without any sexual arousal crime would drop very low, leaving most people jobless and also the economy would be affected.

Internet wouldn't get as popular as it is now starting from the poorest right up to the wealthiest. Over the internet, the biggest percentage of the world population spend at least half of their data surfing and downloading pornography which leaves it the best selling image in the world.

The powers behind Pornography are capable of braking marriages as well as preventing one from sticking to one partner. Sexual secrets behind porn include chasing away every partner that you bring into your life. Pornography is a spirit that whoever that you get sexually active with, spiritually you are tied up together. Meaning all of the people you have had sex with  in your lifetime are spiritually married to you and claim that you belong to them.

Where it gets dangerous is when you get older and need to settle down with one partner. The forces behind porn will always work against you because the reason they mark their territories in the first place is to keep you in bondage, not to get what you wish for in life, a stable relationship.