In the early decades the only means of finding information was attending classes manually with a certain payment as it suits the institute or tutors. This means of obtaining information used to be slow in a way that it would take up to days, weeks even months depending on the reparation of the study notes and the availability of the stationary required like text books and many more.

Methods were improved up to today where we have Google that instantly delivers any type of information in just a twinkling of an eye. As the later generation of the 20th century, we are fortunate to have access to internet right from our beds.

Google is one of the fastest and effective means of knowledge that has dominated a huge percentage of the whole world's population. Google offer all types of answers concerning anything that would be acquired from a classroom.

Google is the best and i would recommend it to everyone who needs to learn about anything and to empower themselves for the better way of living.

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