In the early decades the only means of communication was writing a letter manually with handwriting and have it delivered to the recipient. This means of sending a message used to be slow in a way that it would take up to days, weeks even months depending on the distance apart the sender and the receiver.

Methods were improved up to today where we have Facebook that instantly delivers any type of information in just a twinkling of an eye. As the later generation of the 20th century, we are fortunate to have access to internet right from our beds.

Facebook is one of the fastest and effective means of communication that has dominated a huge percentage of the whole world's population. Facebook offers platforms for business accounts to be able to market and advertise your product. Options are available where you can promote certain ads by paying a reasonable fee which is really effective I must say.

When it comes to stumbling blocks like virus, I would advice users to help Facebook clear out accounts that seem fake out of your account. This will always simplify Facebook's services to avoid disabling your account due spam traffic on your account which is likely to infect the rest of the Facebook friends you have.

Facebook does not spitefully go around disabling accounts for no reason. It is so unfair for Facebook to render their free service and after we clog our accounts with all the junk which causes traffic, we throw insults yet it is our fault.

I personally am a good fun of Facebook even though I have accounts with other social networks; facebook will always be my number one. Let's work together for the better communication that has been availed to us.