How To Keep A Man

Suicidal Men

Men usually think of ending their lives after a series of incidents that are all leaving him with one feeling which is feeling like a nothing. Suicidal men always feel small in a way that when all the things that make them feel like men are taken away, they tend to have no reason to live. Material stuff like money, car, women, job, position, power, fame and so on and so forth are the main things that a man can hardly live without after testing their experience.

Men fail to realize that material things do not satisfy and make you who you are. The only place you can fing peace and joy as well as contentment is right within you. If you cannot find happiness while you don’t have all the material things you will never be happy even after you own the whole world. When you fail to understand what this means you tend to pierce you heart on a daily basis simply because you are seeking for something in the wrong places.