How To Keep A Man

Boosting Man Ego

A woman should know her man and which buttons to press whenever she nees something from him. This is mainly because he is the closest person intimately to her. A woman can use many things to boost a man’s ego starting from her speech, body language to the facial expressions.

When a woman wants a man to release his wallet and spend on her, the trick is to complement his and tell him how strong he is and how safe she feels around him. Tell him how smart he is and that he deserves to be promoted at work. Little things like telling your guest who come over for dinner that the food tastes delicious because your man actually drove by your favorite supermarket and picked up a few spices, or he chopped the onions in the kitchen.

Such complements make a man feel confident and that he is the king in the house and protector. By doing so as a woman, the man eventually starts doing the same, complementing his woman for every little thing she does.