How To Keep A Man

Alcohol a Man’s Refuge-Stomach A Man's Heart

People usually wonder why a huge percentage of men find refuge in alcohol. A man’s heart is in his stomach and that makes the barmen the shoulders that men tend to cry on. Alcohol a man’s refuge becomes a place where he goes to offload whenever he feels like the whole world is against him.

People think men don’t gossip but actually when they get together over that bottle they really do get free with their mouths. It doesn’t actually matter to a man where he gets his drink from as long as he gets to relax and enjoy it. most smart women keep alcohol at home and whenever the man needs it, he grabs it from the fridge which prevents him from gallivanting on the streets.

If your man wasn’t a drinker before and he eventually picked up this habit that created an alcoholic, then ask yourself what could be the cause. Most of the reasons that drive men to become alcoholics are caused by women. The man feels so alone, lost and eventually he finds a friend that never disappoints and is always there whenever he needs him.