How To Keep A Man


Mummy’s Lunch Box-Stomach Man's Heart

A woman that takes over the mother in law’s recipe is always likely to win the man’s heart over. When a woman cannot prepare the dishes that her man desires or craves, she pushes him to go running back to his mother just to fill his stomach with that craved meal. To a man meals carry such a lot of memories and by providing them, you actually switch on his buttons that nothing else could.

Men who run off to their mothers for that mummy’s lunch box usually tear their own families apart. The man’s mother will always gladly welcome her son home for meals and even cash to push him through. Tension is likely to occur whenever the man’s woman fells like she has to compete with her mother in law.

Mother in laws should learn to let their sons go and concentrate on their own women instead of spoiling the son, making him believe that there is always a plan B to run to whenever he argues with the wife.