How To Keep A Man

Side Chick-Stomach A Man's Heart

A side chick as some would call her a mistress is a woman that a man is busy cheating with. These side chicks are very well self trained when it comes to treating a man and boosting his man ego. While at home the attention was shifted onto the new born baby, the mistress’ full attention is on the man.

A man comes home and the whole house including the wife is stinking from the baby’s dippers. On the mistress’ side the house smells perfume and spices from the well prepared food that comes with a glass of thick orange juice that the man didn’t even cough out money for.

When a man wants to have sex the wife gives excuses about minding the little ones and that he should now grow up since he is a father already. The mistress is forever ready for action whether on the balcony, kitchen counter, in the shower, on her office desk or even in a public toilet. A side chick is very dangerous and if not very careful, your man will vanish in no time.