How To Keep A Man


One of the ways of how to keep man happy is that men love to eat. If you really want to know how to hook you man up, it is food. Men bodies are made out of muscle and that six pack needs protein.

2-Stomach The Man’s Heart-How To Keep A Man

One of the ways to get into a woman’s heart is by saying the things that she wants to hear. When it comes to men, the only way to get to his heart is through his stomach. Men love their food and made exactly how their own mothers prepared it.

By giving a man what he enjoys the most will not only capture his mind but will make him open up concerning issues that have been hidden in the depth of his heart. To stomach the man’s hearts is a very simple task. Find out and learn about his mother’s recipe and start preparing the dishes that bring back memories when he was still growing up.


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our next tip about how to keep a man happy is the Mojo game. How why how does the mojo game how to do with keeping a man happy? That's good good question.