How To Keep A Man

Mother in Law-Men Look For Mothers In A Woman

Mothers in many cases are very loving, caring and over protective when it comes to their sons which seem a good thing. On the other hand when this son finds a woman his mother tends to feel threatened. A mother always sees his son as her little boy who isn’t capable of carrying out adult activities. When the son introduces a woman, his mother sees her as a Jezebel that molested her son and this creates tension between the two women.

Mothers won’t let their sons leave their lives due to that closure they have with them after their husbands are not in the picture anymore. A man shall leave his mother and father and go to unite with his wife. There is a riddle that says “a good mother in law introduced to you is the one laying in a grave yard”.

When a man gets caught up in the middle of the most two important women in his life, his mother and wife, he tends to develop tendencies of looking for what he is missing from outside. Mistresses never have drama and usually treat a man as a king, boosting his ego whenever he is out there.