How To Keep A Man

Man respecting his woman-Men Look For Mothers In A Woman

A man will always respect his woman if he has respect for his mother. Women get drowned in love and become blind to observe the way her man treats his own mother. A man respecting his woman depends on how he was trained by his father of how to treat women. Most men who abuse women usually grab that behavior form their childhood, seeing whatever that was going on in front of their eyes.

Growing up as a man requires you to have a male figure around. This male figure in a boy’s life doesn’t matter who it is as long as they set a good example of who a real man should be. This could be an Uncle, Neighbor, teacher, coach, family friend, grandfather or even a gardener.

Women tend to create a gap between a man and his mother for selfish reasons, wanting this man all just for themselves. The danger behind this is that the more a man resents his own mother, that same resentment is usually transferred to all women and this will include his woman. Let the man have a good relationship with his mother and he will treat you just the same.


Changing a man is one of the things that drives men out of a relationship. Injibs Cosmets explains further more how this is a big stumbling block.