How To Keep A Man

Qualities In A Man-Changing  A Man

It is absolutely up to the woman if she would take it or leave it. At least if a man has 60% of what a woman is looking for , that is just fine because one can live with the 40% of the bad. One thing a woman should know is that she would never find 100% of the qualities she is looking for in a man. That would never happen in life.

Unless a man asks a woman to change, then obviously each of them shoul be in a position to changeĀ  for the other. But not one deciding for the other without the other's will.


If you want him to change, you should go first then your actions will change him but not only your words. Secondly don't tell him what friends to hang out with because you will get back what you give him, and in that case you wowldn't like that.