Death Diet


Physical Diet - Death Diet - Death Spirit

DEATH has a diet that he designed for humanity to feed on unconsciously while getting them killed slowly in the process and this diet is called a Physical diet.

DEATH needs BODY to get MIND weak in order to carry out the killing slow process. BODY needs DEATH diet which is the Physical diet and by feeding on it daily, cells in the body starts to fail functioning the way designed for a human machine.

Researchers have scientifically confirmed that all chronic diseases are all caused by one factor which is inflammation. The foods that cause this inflammation in the body are known as the pro-inflammatory foods.

The kinds of troubles Pro-Inflammatory foods cause are hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes type 2, insulin resistance, cholesterol problems, and central obesity (visceral fat). This group of physical disorders is often referred to as the metabolic syndrome or syndrome X. Another indication of the metabolic syndrome is a high C-reactive protein level.

Some of the pro-inflammatory foods include; omega 6 oils, canned foods, gass drinks, artificial sweeteners, food thickeners, food colorings, preservatives, genetically modified foods, toxins in foods and air, malnutrition, certain drugs, cheese, margarine, processed beef like mince, sausages, hams, poloni, vienas etc.

Those foods can't be processed by our bodies, they are foreign to human body and it translates them as invaders. Due to failure of digestion, instead they are stored in the tummy and thighs and arms where they cause inflammation because they appear to be virus and bacteria.

Instantly, the body sends a signal to the immune to send soldiers to fight. Now that whole mechanism is the result of inflammation. Everyday consumption of these toxins keeps your body in a healing mode because it's constantly fighting invaders.
During this whole process, muscle is also being turned into fat in order to sustain and to fuel the healing process. The excess fat is never cleansed out instead it's stored aside for the constant war that is endless.

This war gives birth to chronic disease like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, ulcers, cancer, gouts. Gull stones auto immune diseases, etc; which cause a slow DEATH.