Death Diet

Spiritual Diet - Death Diet - Death Spirit

DEATH has a diet that he dezigned for humanity to feed on unconsciously while getting them killed slowly in the process and this diet is called a spiritual diet.

The Human specie is made up of Sprit, Soul (mind) and Body (flesh). Now spirit is from the almighty and cannot be destroyed because it is omnipresent. Soul (mind) on the other hand, is caught in the middle of Spirit and Body(flesh). He gets his strength from being fed by the either side. The Body (flesh) is basically the one that carries out the actual deed that finally is considered good or bad.

DEATH's mission is to kill steal and destroy. He cannot kill SPIRIT, therefore he needs MIND to get to BODY. MIND needs DEATH diet which is the spiritual diet.

This diet includes horrible scenes, news, music, pornography, fear, anxiety, poverty mindsetanger, bitterness, pride, jealousy, hatred, crime, drugs, wrong diet, negative thoughts and life experience in order to get BODY weak.