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Prosperity - Poverty - Open a Business

Poverty is a disease that can only be cured by prosperity remedies. Prosperity cannot come to you when you are constantly driving it away with your poverty thoughts. The thoughts that you think attract exactly what it is like and when you think poverty, you project poverty including everything around you.

The trouble with us is that we have been raised looking for material stuff to cover up for the wealth. Do not chase for money to get wealth but think of ways to help and deliver good service to others, make them happy and wealth will come. If you want a better position, more salary, and money to pay off debts or to get what you need, cling to the power of your mind to what you are looking for.

The positive prosperity thought flows out like wireless current and connects itself with similar currents. The pictures you make in your mind are the real forces that bring your wishes to reality. By the power of thoughts you can turn yourself into a magnet attracting prosperous things. Make yourself a prosperity magnet by the way you think. Poverty thought work against prosperity by default.

The truth is we were all meant to live a life of abundance. Everyone is entitled to that inheritance, but the thoughts we generate, attract that. First step to wealth is to erase poverty images out of your mind. Replace what you watch, listen to, meditate on prosperity and you'll change the things you attract. It is so sad that humanity is suffering with poverty yet currying around the magnetic force capable of turning their lives around instantly.

What a revelation would come to the world's poor people if they could only eliminate from their minds for a single year the poverty thought. The very structure of the human machine indicates that it was intended for the best. That it was planned for comfort and luxuries.

Refuse to see or visualize poverty. Thinking better things might be called the first aid to the poor. People who are down and out financially are down and out mentally. They are suffering from a mental disease of discourage and loss of hope. Hold the victorious attitude towards life and you will overcome all unfavorable conditions. Stay Blessed.