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After he bought the shares he actually sat back and relaxed waiting on his profit which wasn’t my idea and that caused a lot of misunderstanding between us that we decided to split our way.

Luckily by then I had moved to town and thing had started to pick yet still don’t have enough clients to pay bills and pay off the two business partners who were loading me with labour, while they sit back and wait on profits. When the agreement isn’t a client partner’s agreement, then members should have input somewhere somehow and that is exactly how I understand it.

On the other hand there was this other lady whom we shared rent. We merged the salons as well as clients but the money we had to split everything half. It was more like two salons in one and we helped each other out when it came to labour and she truly her game quite well.

She would leave me with a client and go out pretending to be attending some personal urgent matters yet she was busy with some client at her flat. This was unfair because the client outside wouldn’t be recorded in the book yet the one I am busy with, we still had to share into half.

I learned my lesson that sharing business with people could be risky and it could be so unfair on you because passionately you are at work full time unlike the other partner.