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Giving my shares away to strangers who might not even have the same vision as I do has been a serious matter to me. Should we say I am so over protective when it comes to my business?

I tried once selling some of my shares to a friend and also to my brother who helped me with the approach of companies in order to get my product o shelf, but in the end I bought them back.

What exactly happened was that a year after I started the salon in town right after resigning from the cosmetic store, thing didn’t go quite well. The building in which I was operating was on sale and having no enough deposit with me to pay for the new premises, I had to do something in order to save my business otherwise I wasn’t ready to turn back and ask for my previous job back.

A friend of mine had R3000 that he had saved but he had nowhere to keep it and was afraid that he would waste it so he asked me if I would keep it for him. I was so open with him and I told him that it came right on the right time. He agreed that I could use it but then he ended up signing an agreement that would give him profits every now and then which was from a few shares.