Open A Business



Motivation - Giving - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

Myself as you know I’m not a good networking type of person but in your case you might be the opposite of me.

People especially in your community don’t have any hope left due to the daily challenge faced including poverty, sickness, crime and many others. In most cases all they need is to hear positive words coming from someone who lived the same life they are living yet managed to make it and now living a life of dreams.

Basically what promotes crime is nothing other than lack of hope. Just to look around and see no future ahead of you can easily force you into making choices that would regret for the rest of your life and when someone, just one person came forward and say “everything will be alright” would brighten your whole month.

Seeing that people brighten up when you say something nice to them, I started a habit of at least each day saying something positive to someone. Something like, “I love your hair colour or style and it suits you quiet well”, or even “you smell so good and what perfume is that”.

All these positive words will do nothing but promote your business ad people will be drawn everyday just to come and receive service so that they would get to hear someone saying something good about them.