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Labour - Capital - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

Not necessarily always that we have money to start but I believe that you have to use what you have in order to get what you don’t. Just like in my case back in Uganda when I started with nothing and my business ended up growing day by day with just my hands and the clients head.

You would say that you don’t have any skills to start a business, I understand but deep inside you somewhere there is always something when you search yourself. Collecting plastic bottles clean them and sell them back to companies is another thing that could give someone a start.

Another way of looking at it is when a friend wants to join your business but they don’t have any cash to invest, they have an option of working in the business for free until a certain period of time by which you both agree in order to pay off a certain percentage in the business.

Money that could be paid off towards that labour goes into buying shares and so on and so forth depending on the agreement. Therefore, not necessarily cash but also man power is as powerful as money.