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Humility - Discipline - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

Saying this by experience, stubborn people never prosper in life most especially in business. Like I mentioned in my first chapter, I was mothered by everyone including my clients se I was a child when I got into business.

I took each and every advice and applied it in my personal and business life though some of it was not wise, but I guess I learned from my mistakes as time went by. All do give advice but not all is wise to apply and that is where you need to choose what to use and what leave.

Humbleness is one of the keys in growing a business and that means swallowing your pride and to do the right thing even to set a good example to those watching. A good example is when an accountant warns you to sell shares because the company is going down instead of moving forward in order to save it. But because of your stubbornness, you ignore the advice and eventually you close down leaving you with debts and so on and so forth.

We mentioned a point about “a client is always right” previously. Apologising to the client doesn’t make you any less wise but it’s a way of respect and keeping peace and harmony in the work place. I have achieved a lot of things in life by just being humble and act a fool.

Showing off is also another way to destruction. Not everyone wants to see you succeed in business as well as life and that is why it isn’t necessary to go around exposing your vision and dreams. Let people find out what you do and what you are and that will even boost your reputation whether the business stands or falls.