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Confidentiality - Discipline - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

When it comes to dealing with people on a daily basis, I discovered that being grounded was another part of my life I had to work on. Trust me, where there are ladies there is always gossip and places like Salons, Gym, Clinics and transport industry you name it, are where they express their feelings which ends up into dragging other people’s lives into conversation.

As a business owner, I decided to stay away from engaging in such because at the end of the day what was said will be carried outside your business and your name will be involved. I laid a strategy that I would work by appointment and it would only be one client at a time.

This gave clients no chance to know who was there and what was discussed. Which eventually I got used to and it kind of gave me space to deal with one client at a time while give them my whole attention.

Surprisingly I had sisters among my clients and they both did their hair with me but none of them knew that they had the same stylist yet I knew about them. That is how far you go when it comes to confidentiality otherwise you end up losing both clients and the ones they would have referred simply because you discuss about one to the other after they leave.

There are times when comparison has to be made and it is necessary but names should not be mentioned at some stage.