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Trusting People - Trust - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

Growing up, I was never a people’s person not even playing with other kids was fun to me. Being far away from my family as well as raised by my sister in law, made me isolated in a way that I learned to protect myself and not trust anyone except me. This created a character inside of me that even when I came to business; I never felt that anyone else could do the job better than I would want it done.

That could be a very huge problem when it comes to management. When you hire employees to work under you, they have to be trusted with power and not to keep interfering with their departments.

Supervision though is required and it’s important to be informed, but make sure you get the information from the person you assigned or authorised. Otherwise clashing ends up happening just because of your insecurity.

After people discover that they are not trusted, first thing that crosses their mind is becoming aggressive. They start thinking, “I don’t care what happens after all nobody gives me a benefit of a doubt”. Which is surely unacceptable behaviour in a work place but because the boss trusts nobody around, the staff is forced to gunging up and act rebellious. Did you know that even a rebel when they come across someone who trusts them, they instantly develop a vulnerable heart and tries to prove themselves that they can be trusted.