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Trusted By People - Trust - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

It was a tough thing challenge for me to step out there and convince people that my concoction actually grew back hair in less than a week. One day I just got up and packed my hair food mixture into small tabs and I headed to salons from door to door. In my mind I thought if they threw me out of the salon, would I turn and go back home or keep moving to the next one.

I remember this one cosmetic store in Mowbray where I walked in, introduced myself and the owner looked at it. Well, to be honest it had no label, nothing on the tab and he laughed and said, “I can’t put this rubbish on my shelf because it doesn’t even have a name. Take a look at all these products. Can’t you see that you won’t make it”? But I guess I had a positive attitude that learned from criticism and I went back home and focussed on getting better.

The good thing with most people who I showed my product was that I had already proved to them that I could be trusted. You would ask yourself “but how do I earn people’s trust”. First and foremost be a good listener. People log to be heard and when you give them your ear, trust me they will open up to you. Just like on a date with a woman, it’s a turn off when a man talks too much especially about himself. Be silent for once and take your time to listen to all the stories that she has to say. All you need to do is to look her in the eye and just agree with everything she says.

Just by giving people your attention, they will know that you are interested in their business and they will end up trusting you.