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What Are You - Identity - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

Many other thoughts kick in and pop up questions like "will I ever get rich and drive one of those sports cars that I see in the magazines and movies?" yes. Surely it's possible if you just put your mind to it and stop listening and paying attention to those negative thoughts.

I wasted so much time giving it all away to focusing and meditating on things that would stir up worry, anger, greed and jealousy inside of me. Come to think of it, whatever you give your time is what becomes alive and manifests in reality.

I decided to spend my time looking at life from a positive angle which eventually started turning my whole life into that same direction in which my thinking was. I started seeing myself as a CEO, Director, one big boss who has body guards and all that, owning this big mansion and sports cars. It really sounds weird but it does work effectively.

When things started manifesting or let’s say appearing in the real world, I came to realize that I was limiting myself by putting my identity in a box which ended up locking up all my dreams if I even had any at that time. I finally came to a conclusion by saying “I am what the positive says I am and I can do all that it says I can do”.