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Who Are You - Identity - Easy Ways To Establish A Business

When I entered the business world it was seriously difficult for me to stick to what I believed in. Let's say if somebody asked me a simple question, "who are you’d wouldn't answer it straight.

I strongly believe that when we are growing up as kids, identity is something that isn't installed in our mind.

It's simple things that could be said to a little child, "you are a head and not a tail, you are a winner and not a looser", such little statements have a powerful way of keeping a child alive and also know that whatever comes their Wyoming, they are victorious and not failures.

When the hard times arrive in a child's journey of life, at the back of their mind it is registered that there is hope by the morning.

In my case I had to make a complete U turn in my mind and refuse to be overcome by obstacles in life. What I mean by U turn is that I started resisting all the negative thoughts that attacked my mind and I started believing that I'm not a nothing but everything I was created to be an nothing and nobody shall tell me otherwise.