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Lending - Investments - Unity In Business

At this stage your business should be grown successfully and able now to help others out who are still straggling. Like I mentioned previously, offering or rendering assistance to the community is one of the ways to attract customers to your business as well as building trust in you.

At times some would not be able to pay back but at least you have played the part of assisting and the rest should be up to them. They say the only way to get people to submit to you is to provide for whatever they need and by that they will always run to you to ask. These are some of the tactics that even politicians use in order to climb to where they want to.

Don’t get me wrong by assuming that you should use people to get to where you wand but what I mean is provide for them in order to earn their trust and respect so that in return your business which offers them service can be successful.

Money is there to keep us and not us to keep it and when you don’t release it out there, it blocks the circulation from even generating more for you. Money makes money.