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Networking - Social Network - Unity In Busiess

Though social media has brought a smile on our faces through easy and effective communication, it has its own disadvantages.

Some employees have found it convenient when they have assignments and to save time and money, they don’t have to be present at the work places at that particular time in order to submit whichever information. All they do is email it to their superiors and work proceeds and effectively as though they were physically present at work.

All this is convenient and time saving but the disadvantage it has is that it isolates you from the other physical part of the world. People have now discovered a way of separating from friends, family and so forth just because they can easily chat to each other through social media.

Teenagers have found it difficult facing the world of business because they find it hard to communicate physically with people and share ideas or even make new friends, simply because they have always found it easier to deliver a message through social media.

It is very important to be able to mingle with strangers, find out about what they do, get to know each other and by the time you need a business favour they are already able to relate to