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Defeat Admission - Social Network - Unity In Busiess

People usually say admitting is the first step to healing and I do agree but in the case of admitting to negative, when it comes to business or any other areas of our lives I totally disagree.

There are many areas in my life where I was defeated and found myself considered a big failure. It took me years to actually become victorious in those areas simply because I always admitted that I was a failure or a loser.

 I do not want to sound as if I am contradicting myself but at the same time not admitting to some of the things could be pride. In this case the admission that I mean is the confession to negativity whenever things don’t seem to go accordingly.

Words are more powerful than we can imagine and by giving up I your mind, you begin to act and talk according to what you are thinking, giving whatever that you are saying a platform to be able to manifest in the physical realm.

Therefore admitting that you are defeated through words and actions could be a way to close up the doors in the future. Speak positive even though it’s not what you feel and see but with a positive attitude, things start to lighten up giving way for positive to happen.