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This is a fortunate generation that has made it easy for any kind of information to be exchanged through media, social network, internet and much more. Things like photos, videos and also documents can be transferred to someone else no matter how far they are and therefore, making use of this opportunity is something we cannot afford to ignore.

 It would be a very helpful and empowering way to actually share any kind of important information that you might have in order to help those in need of the knowledge. In case you are very good at doing something or even have a grandma’s recipe that your mother left you, type it or record it on a video and publish it on You Tube just to help others learn something new.

 Those are the simplest methods that I have mentioned but if you are capable of writing the whole book about something you are good at, why not put it on paper so that in case you pass on, your ideas could be carried on by their individuals.

Therefore, it is a good empowerment when also coming together as an association and each member puts on paper what they know and have in mind, and after putting it all together, come up with tutorials that could be used by those in need.