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Product - Brand - Calm Waves

When the brand appears to be a product that requires labelling, packaging and many more, it doesn’t necessarily require proper appearance of where it is made or whomever that prepares it. The most important thing when it comes to a product is that it has to appear appealing in order to attract a client when it is standing on a shelf.

 I will not be able to give many tips about how to design labels and so forth but from my own personal experience, when each and every space on a bottle is occupied by information, the product sells more than when the information cover a small part of the bottle.

When I started packaging my product I wasn’t well experienced and therefore I had no much knowledge of how to do the designing. As you can see from the diagram below showing my products when I started, they are not that well attractive but then as time went by with putting in more hard work I managed to make it better.