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Tough Times

Promotions - Tough Times In Business -  Calm Waves

Most companies flush millions of cash into the advertising sector which is a very good way to promote you but it wouldn’t continue for a long period of time.

When the product is new and they need to know about it, promoting is important especially being able to introduce it to them in different languages and ways in order to get them to understand what you are all about.

One thing I realized especially with my own product and service was that when it is excellent and delivers what it is sent out there to do, it usually promotes itself through word of mouth. Once customers learn about it and find out that ii is not after making money just like others which they have been wasting money on, the spread the word to their friends out there.

Promoters are good to be stationed next to the product in order to explain and attract customers to buy, but after they know about it they start coming straight to the shelf and pick it without the promoter’s input. Therefore you will realize that as time goes by, you pay promoters for doing totally nothing.