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Tough Times

Criticism - Tough Times In Business -  Calm Waves

Inside that suggestion box will always be negative feedback and how you choose to use it is all up to you. Criticism is very important during the growth of a business because surely you cannot be the one who claims to know it all and unless you realize that you still have a lot to learn, such feedback will always upset you.

When the feedback says the product doesn’t smell good, it simply means you need to make some changes regarding the way it smells and not because they are against you, but because they are the ones using it, these are the things they would prefer instead of what you suggest for them.

The only time negative criticism would upset you is when it finds you with personal issues that aren’t dealt with whereby you tend to think the world is out there to get you and that you hardly trust anybody.

That is the reason why I had to first take you through dealing with yourself and putting behind you all the things that would hinder you from standing against such challenges like negative criticism.

When you are well equipped and ready to face anything in life including business, nothing can intimidate you and anything thrown at you, is taken and used to your advantage instead of raging war against the world.