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Employees - Management - Calm Waves

This group of people is extremely important to your business because without them there is no way a company can stand. Employees should be kept happy at all times by paying their salaries on time no matter what. Treating them with love just as you would your family, caring for them ad also showing that you do worry whenever they seem to be in trouble of any kind.

It is very important that you see them as your own children even though some might be older than you, but because they look up to you and they are well aware that you keep them surviving, they do have respect for you and therefore they see you as their elder.

 Be their servant if you want them to highly respect you and I don’t mean doing all the dirty jobs, but at least asking if there is anyone who would want a cup of tea or coffee. Surely by doing such little things for them won’t chop of your hands. If you want them to treat and keep your customers happy by offering a good service, then do the same to them and in return they will release it to whoever that walks into your business.