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Familiarity - Rest - Calm Waves

It is good to be close to clients and employees but crossing boundaries should be watched closely. Most people don’t know where to draw the line when they see a smile and this has destroyed a lot of business because people start losing respect for each other.

I have seen it with some stylists who work with clients on a daily basis whereby clients get to open up to them due to the long hours spent together in salons. They go further by telling them about their personal lives, problems, achievements, disappointments and many more. Next thing Stylists start taking them for granted, making them wait hoping they would understand since they are regulars.

 Customer is always new each and every time they show up at your work place and therefore, I would advise you not to get familiar with them. Habits like grouping them by separating the ordinary ones from the popular and the celebrities, giving the different prices according to their income and all that destroy the business as time goes by.

This might not be obvious to you but clients do take note of these things and slowly by slowly they start moving back to where they came from because the service was much better than yours.