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Stress Free - Rest - Calm Waves

Finding a way to make other people’s problems go away has an effective way of dealing with your own personal issues than the people who you think you are helping.

Stress is normally the main source of most of the problems that we face on our daily lives and until we realize it, it will always be like taking a glass of water from an ocean. What I am trying to say is that in order to deal with a number of issues, it is better and easier if you look for the cause and when you find it; all the other small ones disappear.

The reason why we usually stress in our lives is because we give these problems so much of our attention. Like I said at the beginning of the chapter that we should not focus on the problem, you are likely to start sinking when you choose to look at the storm and waves around you.

This has a psychological way of shifting your mind instead of the problems and where you choose to direct it, is where it chooses to go. Stress can easily disappear when you start putting others first, making clients, employees and competitors your first priority instead of making money which will instead attract worrying and greed.