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Independence - Change Of Mindset - Dark Wall Behind

Having tested all the freedom and being able to be your own master, it is even more uncomfortable going back to being told what to do later on being pushed around as a slave. During the first couple of years as mentioned earlier, business is usually a bit slow and therefore it doesn’t bring in enough profit for you to be as comfortable as getting away on holidays. But even though financially things aren’t well yet, there are other aspects that we should not actually neglect.

  Areas like making all the decisions including whether you should work from home or at work some of the days and seeing that there is no much to do so you could either go home or stay. Also setting aside time to spend with family and you as well and so many other things that reflect freedom is another benefit that we reap when owning a business.

 Having at least a legacy to leave behind when your children grow up and be proud of their father is another way to express that you had a breakthrough financially as well as wisdom. Giving up all that you have eventually achieved and choose to go back to being a slave is not something I would be proud of if I were in such a position.