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Eyes On Me

Icon - All Eyes On Me - Dark Wall Behind Me

After overcoming all these rumours and gossip, you realize that there is a tough character developed inside of you and this is what makes you a strong well equipped entrepreneur.

Like I mentioned earlier that people read you, they do talk and gossip but in actual sense they are silently following you up and keeping record. Eventually they add all of it up and say, “But wait a minute, this person has been through all this and that and we have done this and that to them but they are still standing and constant it what they do”.

 This causes them to start admiring your attitude and therefore, start looking up to you and using you as an example of a strong and courageous business icon. Like I always say that people do things they do without actually being aware that they are being used to turn you into the most precious stone.

 It is usually up to you to choose what to do with the stones that are being thrown at you because somewhere somehow they will leave side effects towards you life as well as business.