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Family Politics

Divorce - Family Politics - Turning Point

Separation from your spouse can easily affect your business carrier because it has everything to do with emotions.

Not only does divorce affect business but everyone around you gets involved including your children, parents, employees and so many others. This is why it is very important to consider the consequences before making any choices because you have a lot to lose in terms of your business.

 If you actually look carefully as to what causes couples to divorce is usually minor reasons like not having enough time to spend with each other or even having an affair with the PA because she is always the one spending most of the time with him.

 I will say it again; don’t get yourself drowned into your business and end up neglecting your marital duties. I understand that sometimes you need to meet deadlines but there are many other ways to still spend time with your family.

You should either carry your office to your house or take your spouse to the office and work while they are sitting next to you.