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Family Politics

Pregnancy - Family Politics - Turning Point

We are talking about a whole year and this is a decision that usually directly affects your carrier because pregnancy is more emotional.

I am not a female therefore I would never know how it feels to be pregnant and so I won’t promise to say much about the topic, but all I can say is that it sets a woman back a bit. Not only the woman, also the man because he plays a big role during that period.

 The emotional time puts a lot of pressure on the man whereby he cannot just pack and leave for business meetings, conferences or course. The unborn baby needs full time of both parents while the mother needs full support from the husband which leads him to neglecting the business in a way.

I would advise that the office should be moved home where the man can always keep an eye and be supportive at all times. I work from home and I find it so convenient in all ways even though I am not yet married, but I know that when that moment arrives, I am available twenty four seven.